Better weather warnings could reduce road traffic accidents

Published: 11/01/2014

After another week of turbulent weather the Transport Select Committee is calling for Highways Agency to provide better communication to UK road users to try and reduce road traffic accidents caused by severe weather conditions.

The Agency has been tasked with identifying technological solutions which will enable drivers to receive up-to-date information on disruptions and dangers caused by adverse weather.

There has however been some praise following improvements in increasing the supply of road salt for gritting lorries.

Poor weather contributed to over 13,000 road traffic accidents in 2012 and with the UK continuing to experience severe flooding and high winds, there is a worry this figure will only increase.

Kevin Smith is a personal injury solicitor at Goldsmith Williams:

“It’s all well and good praising the fact we have more salt to grit roads but given we are yet to see any real snowfall we don’t even know if these increased levels would have sufficed!

“As this winter shows, it is not just snow UK drivers now have to contend with so it is vital that the Highways Agencies address all contributory factors in order make roads as safe as possible.”

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