Back To School Blues?

Published: 10/09/2018

Yes, it’s that time already

The long days of sunshine are slipping away, the work schedule ramps back up and the kids are back to school! It’s September… or as we here at GW like to look at it, the countdown to Christmas has begun.

It can difficult to convince your young ones that returning to the schoolyard isn’t the end of the actual world. As such, we asked some of our team members for some tips that can be passed down to the students in your life on how to cope when term-time recommences…

Emily Davies, Marketing department

Books, books and more books, are the answer according to our avid reader and marketing assistant. It’s really easy to get weighed down in everything you’re studying at school, so it’s super important to find time to read something that isn’t your textbooks or assigned novels, Emily says. Even if you’ve just got 30 minutes on that dreaded commute to school, escaping into your own world and ‘zoning out’ for even the shortest bit of time really makes all the difference to your mental health. If your son, daughter or other young person in your life won’t make use of the school library, encourage them to seek our book recommendations on the Internet (GoodReads is a great source and there are lots of fantastic, visually-spectacular reading-related Instagram accounts - try searching the hashtag #BookPhotography - which might even convince a stubborn reader that books are actually cool) and use second-hand websites such as The Book Depository to buy reads for cheap.

Emily’s author recommendations include:

  • Cornelia Funke
  • Sarah J Maas
  • Victoria Schwab.

Deanna Hughes, Personal Injury

Deanna’s motto is that there is never such a thing as too many notebooks - we can’t help but agree! They’re great for staying organised, jotting down ideas or even some good old-fashioned doodling.

Beautiful new stationary makes all the difference when it comes to going back to school. Shops on the High Street such as Paperchase always have great offers available at this time of year or look online for something even more unique.

Jennifer Richey, Reception

Jenny has two young kids so her advice to mums, dads and carers everywhere is to make sure you get yourself (100%) organised. Don’t forget that it’s not just to kids who need to get ready, you do too! Lay out outfits for the entire family the evening before, ensure lunchboxes and school bags are packed and, most importantly, alarms are set!

Chris Williamson, Equity Release department

Chris is by no means ashamed to say IKEA is his home away from home, because who would be - IKEA is awesome! Having a proper study area set up, whether it’s in a room dedicated to it or even just a corner of your bedroom, can make all the difference when it comes to academic motivation and your results. IKEA is fabulous for affordable, compact desks, chairs and other pieces to make your study zone truly fantastic. Before you go, get some inspiration from Pinterest.

If you’re heading off to university and a share flat is your new home, Chris suggests you pick up some cutlery and any other basics you might need while you’re there. There’s nothing worse than trying to revise and you find there’s no coffee cups!

Jenny Gibbons, Property (Remortgage) department

Jenny recommends that all students take up non academic-related hobbies. It’s always good to take a step back from all the stress to relax and spend some time doing something you love, just for you. Jenny, for instance, when she’s not working hard at GWlegal, runs an adorable little side business called ‘The Little Whisk’, where she bakes the most delicious sweet treats for birthday parties and other special events.

Matthew Steadman, ICT

This 20-year-old has one piece of advice: “My only advice to the youth of today is to take strong interest in the subjects they've chosen, leave plenty of time revision and never stop believing in their dreams!”

Well, we’re not sure how we can top that one!

Good luck, students. Best wishes from all of us at team GW. We believe in you!

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