Are property owners missing a financial trick?

Published: 07/02/2013

Nearly a quarter of homeowners have never reviewed their mortgage, research from Santander 123 has revealed.

In a survey of its 123 current account holders the high street lender discovered that 23 per cent of Britons have never re-evaluated their mortgage rate even after a fixed rate has come to an end.

However with around a third of our monthly salaries spent on our mortgage are millions of homeowners missing an incredibly valuable trick by not remortgaging?

While many landlords are capitalising on remortgaging, in many cases using the capital for further investment in the private rental sector and buy to let properties, many residential homeowners are failing to even considering the opportunity.

There remains a common misconception that remortgaging is a difficult process. However with the help of Goldsmith Williams this needn’t be a concern.

With over 25 years experience our team of legal specialists are perfectly equipped to make your remortgage transaction run smoothly. This means you could lock in a new rate sooner than you think and start to make your piggy bank bulge!

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