And The Most Property-Obsessed Country In The World Is...

Published: 29/05/2019

The United Arab Emirates.

The average adult in the Arabian Peninsula spends 6.6 hours on property research a week.

In second place is… the USA, with 4.95 hours per week the norm, followed by Taiwan (4.54 hours), and Mexico (3.56 hours).

The UK came in at number six. The average adult spends 2.65 hours a week researching properties.

These figures come from research by HSBC. The bank polled 11,932 adults (aged over 21) to find out where the most property-obsessed locations across the globe were.

The research took into account property searches online, time spent reading property magazines and house ‘window shopping’ by attending viewings or driving through desirable locations in search of snazzy homes. Other property-related activities participants (almost 50%) took part in weekly was checking their own home’s value.

On average, those surveyed spent a total of 3.5 hours a week doing such activities.

Six per cent of people surveyed were considered “extreme house hunters”, spending over seven hours on property research per week. Some individuals even said they had delayed important life milestones such as having children, as they first want to find the ‘perfect home’.

Common reasons given for spending so much time on property pursuits included the desire to feel “in control” as homeowners (79%) and “relaxed” on acquiring a property (74%).

The HSBC survey was conducted on behalf of the bank online by Toluna between November 11 to December 5 last year.

And the most property-obsessed countries in the world are…

UAE, 6.60

USA, 4.95

Taiwan, 4.54

Mexico, 3.56

Singapore, 3.29

UK, 2.65

Australia, 2.51

Canada, 2.08

France, 1.74

(Hours spent researching property by the average adult each week)

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