Alternative Business Structures ethics bells begin to toll

Published: 26/09/2011

The Sole Practitioners Group (SPG) is planning to launch a three-month public relations campaign to raise awareness over forthcoming Alternative Business Structures.

The campaign, costing £15,000, will warn consumers of the potential risks that come with profit-driven commercial organisations, such as Tesco, offering legal services. The SPG is worried that those opting for legal services from such organisations may not receive the same high standard of ethics as they would from a law firm.

Clive Sutton is the Honorary Secretary of the SPG. He said:

"There are fears that the integrity of the law will be compromised, with the client’s interest becoming secondary to profit.

"Ten years ago, fuddy-duddy solicitors may have needed shaking up, but the profession has transformed itself and does not need interference from supermarkets and other cash-rich businesses."¹

The view of Goldsmith Williams is that, whilst there are threats to the traditional profession, there are also opportunities and highlights the importance of having experienced legal professionals as an Alternative Business Structure partner. Goldsmith Williams is a well established law firm and, for over 26 years experience, have promoted the highest of standards, protecting the interests of brokers and clients simultaneously.

If you are interested in setting up an Alternative Business Structure with Goldsmith Williams, then take advantage of a FREE ABS consultation with senior partner, Eddie Goldsmith.

¹Law Gazette (Sep 2011)

Content correct at time of publication

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