ABS: Realise the potential

Published: 23/03/2012

With so much hype and hearsay about Alternative Business Structures, it is easy to lose sight of the purpose behind what is dubbed the biggest change in the provision of legal services in our lifetime.

In a nutshell, Alternative Business Structures are designed to throw open the door to the legal world, making the act of acquiring legal advice much more simple and user-friendly. Previously seen somewhat unaccessible ABSs are the equivalent to those fancy bi-fold doors that offer unparallel and unobstructed views.

Alternative Business Structures are not just of benefit to the public; they can pave the way for new, exciting and potentially lucrative avenues for both legal and non-legal professionals alike.

For existing legal specialists, they offer a way to extend their services to an audience they were previously unable to reach. Meanwhile for non-lawyers, Alternative Business Structures can help the expansion of their business services and thus provide, quite literally, a wealth of opportunity.

Professor Stephan Mayson is the Director of The Legal Services Institute:

“These reforms provide new opportunities for doing things differently, and better – not only in the client interests, but also in your own interests.”

With many applications already underway, now is not the time to ignore this imminent change. Contact senior partner, Eddie Goldsmith, to arrange a personal ABS consultation and realise the possibility Alternative Business Structures can have on your business.

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