ABS: Now is the time to be brave

Published: 24/04/2012

With the announcement of the first three SRA approved alternative business structures and now the recent facelift of the Quality Solicitors website with TV advertising to boot, the legal services industry is starting to witness firsthand the foretold changes of the ABS revolution.

With big plans now being supported by the financial backing required to see them through to fruition, competition in the consumer legal services is heating up and business generation is getting creative.

With an open display of legal service providers coming to the surface, consumers are now presented with choice. This means solicitors can no longer rest on their laurels and rely on returning clients. They must now be proactive in their approach and provide clients with convincing reasons to “choose them”. It’s like being picked for PE all over again.

For firms looking to preserve their business and retain clients they must put themselves out there. The playing field may not be level; we do not all have the luxury of a budget which extends to national TV coverage.

Nevertheless everyone must adopt some form of strategy to present the benefits of their services; apathy will only lead to invisibility.

After all attack is the best form of defence.

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