8 Best Ways To Beat Blue Monday

Published: 18/01/2019

That dreaded date is almost here – Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year.

Every third Monday of January, there is a day deemed truly dismal. This is the day that people generally will receive December bills and realise they’re in a little bit more debt than they anticipated; slip off the bandwagon and come to the annual realisation that their unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions related to fitness, diets, savings are unlikely to come true; or generally just start to feel those January blues, as work schedules ramp up and the festive period becomes a distant memory

Is Blue Monday really a thing? 

Well, according to us here at teamGW, that all depends on your mind-set. At our firm, we believe in exceeding expectations, so we don’t feel threatened by Mondays, period. We welcome them with open arms, as each week is a chance to set new goals and smash them! In that spirit, here are some of our Monday-lovin’ team members’ tips for beating the blues this Blue Monday (or any Monday)…

Emily, Marketing 

Take a trip to Waterstones and get a new book – whether it’s an old favourite or something totally fresh. It can be exciting to try a genre you don’t normally levitate towards. Love romance? Try a thriller instead. Is fiction your thing? Opt for a biography. It may surprise you! There is no better stress-buster or mood-lifter than spending a good hour absorbed in a fantastic read. 

Teresa, Property Sales

Quality family time cures everything, according to our property sales guru Teresa. Whenever she’s feeling down, T organises a trip to see her beloved two grandchildren and does something fun. If you’ve got a small family, spend time with close friends for a chat over coffee or a home cinema night.  

Lynne, Property 

GW’s resident animal-lover, Lynne suggests taking your dogs for a walk in a beautiful park. If you don’t have a pet, you can sign up for programmes where you dog-sit pooches while their humans are at work! How cute is that?

Richard Espley, Equity Release 

Football-mad Richard suggests that anyone who is feeling down goes out to kick the ball around, even just for 10-minutes. Physical activity is the ideal way to beat a bad mood. If you’re at work, do so on your lunch break or after knock-off with some of your colleagues. That is also a great way to team build.  

Jenny, Remortgage 

As GW’s resident Mary Berry, baker Jenny recommends cooking something sweet as the ultimate mood lifter. Jenny personally sources most of her inspiration and recipes from Pinterest. Even browsing the image-sharing site for delicious baked goods is bound to boost your spirits. Slice of cake, anyone?

Lee, Marketing 

When Lee’s feeling down, yoga is her go-to. Drop into a yoga class or watch some beginner videos on YouTube and flow along in your living room. You’ll be amazed at how you let go of your bad mood in moments. 

Gavin, Property Sales

Monday can be a struggle, but feeling motivated about something and hopeful for the future can really help. Maybe your dream for 2019 is to finally purchase a home of your own? Setting some financial goals to help you achieve that (perhaps by making a budget for February) can be a real motivator.

Paul, Financial Claims 

It may sound materialistic, but let’s be honest. What could be a better Monday mood buster than a quick injection of cash into your bank account? There are only eight months left to check if you were ever mis-sold PPI, yet there are still thousands of people who are probably still owed compensation. With refunds ranging from a few hundred to thousands of pounds, it’s worth checking.

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