5 Reasons To Buy A Property In Wimbledon

Published: 18/07/2019

Pour the Pimm’s and crack open the strawberries & cream, tennis season is upon us once again! Every year, the global spotlight shines on London or, to be more precise, the South-Westerly corner of Wimbledon, as the world’s most famous tennis players battle it out in the prestigious tennis tournament. 

Wimbledon, one of the world’s most famous tennis competitions and a Grand Slam event, also happens to be the oldest tennis competition still in existence today. It started 126 years ago, in 1877, and remains one of the most exciting events on the global sporting calendar. Thousands of spectators, from across the UK and of course much further afield, visit Wimbledon during June and early July to experience Wimbledon - both the sporting event and this beautiful part of southwest London.

This leafy corner of LDN isn’t just a lovely place to visit and soak up the rays while watching a spot of tennis, however. It’s also renowned for being one of the country’s most attractive places to buy a property, whether that’s to live in or for investment purposes

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, seasoned property investor or keen buy-to-letter, there are plenty of reasons why Wimbledon should be on your radar. As it turns out, this lovely little suburb within bustling London is about much more than just throwing tennis balls!

Our Top Reasons To Purchase A Property in Wimbledon 

1) It's a fantastic investment

If you’ve got the funds available to invest in such a lucrative location, this is an investment that’s certainly going to pay itself off - and for a number of reasons! Wimbledon is a popular spot for wealthy young families looking to retain that London lifestyle while also enjoying a quieter ‘village’ feel. As such, there is definitely going to be demand for family-ready rentals close to parks, schools and other local amenities. It could, therefore, be worthwhile investing in larger flats or semi-detached houses with numerous bedrooms for mum, dad and the kids (and maybe even the nanny!). 

There is another way in which savvy BTL investors can profit in this desirable location. Each year, as the Tennis season comes around, thousands of people (whether they be tourists or even the tennis players and their entourage themselves, as well as event organisers, journalists and media, and so forth) seek short-term accommodation in Wimbledon, close to the courts, at top dollar. Switched-on investors may be able to benefit from the buzz with short-term lets, especially during June and July, which can be offered at premium prices. The rest of the year, properties can be used as Air BnBs, for example. There are always tourists looking for nice rentals to set up shop in, temporarily. 

2) It’s great for families 

The wonderful thing about SW17 is the village feel. Despite the central location, Wimbledon really does feel like a little town inside the city. Indeed, there is even an area called Wimbledon Village, an affluent residential zone, which ticks all the boxes for idyllic family life (if you can afford it!). There are also great schools in the area (The boys-only King’s College School, by all accounts, is fantastic, but so are girls’ schools Wimbledon High School and Ursuline High School) and plenty of lush green space. Wimbledon Common, comprising 1,140 acres of unspoilt green space filled with lots of natural flora and fauna! All these factors make Wimbledon a great place to buy a family home. 

3) It has history

A visit to the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum will fascinate even those who are not so fussed about sport. There is just so much history to this classic game! Wimbledon is also home to plenty of gorgeous period buildings. You might even want to buy one to live in.

4) That’s not to mention the buzz

Wimbledon is lively all year round, but tennis season is particularly special - and what better than having a front-row seat from your own home?! Even if you’re watching the match on TV, it will still feel extra significant from your SW19 pad.

The area is also home to tonnes of lovely restaurants, cafes, bars and boutiques. You’ll always find something to do, eat or buy. Wimbledon Common even has stables, so you can take horse riding lessons in your spare time, for instance!

That’s not to mention the celebrities you’ll be living next door to. Tennis legend Boris Becker, TV host Davina McCall, actor Martin Clunes and rocker Marcus Mumford are just some of the A-list who call Wimbledon home. 

5) Prices are on the rise  

As with just about everywhere in London, property prices more or less rise yearly. As such, buying a property in Wimbledon whether it’s to live or invest in is never going to be a profitless exercise if you decide to sell down the line.

How much exactly will a flat or house in Wimbledon set me back?

The average property value at the time of writing this article was £674,288. 

The average price for a flat is £487,954. The average house price is £1,068,45.

Property prices range from £177,750 to £3,250,000.

If you’re in the market to rent, expect to pay on average £580 per week. Rental prices range from £230 to more than £3,400 per week. 

That’s it. You’ve convinced me! I want to purchase a property in Wimbledon 

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