2014 Property Portal launch eagerly anticipated

Published: 23/10/2013

The news that the Law Society is developing a conveyancing web portal to streamline the process, improve communication between parties, save costs and time and improve risk management has been applauded by Eddie Goldsmith, Senior Partner at property solicitors Goldsmith Williams.

‘This is great news,’ continued Eddie ‘as it will facilitate so many opportunities for us to continue to improve conveyancing service – both for the introducer and the client. In my own firm we’ve already pioneered on-line functionality to streamline our communications with our mortgage brokers and other introducers and seen great benefits as a consequence.

Once in place this portal will allow all parties in a transaction to view up-to-date information which will really enhance communication. There are so many parties and organisations involved in property purchase transactions and so the communication benefits of this development will be considerable.

I’m particularly keen to see the proposed “chain view” in operation as this will allow all parties involved in a property transaction to check what stage has been reached by everyone in the purchasing chain. When buying a house, clients who are caught up in a chain can experience high levels of stress and it can be difficult to address that, when information on the other transactions higher up or lower down in the chain is not readily available. I can see already how this new portal; coupled with our own on-line developments will, collectively, enable us to save time in the transaction by being better able to keep the transaction moving forward.

The Law Society reports that this new portal is expected to go live in 2014. I’m eagerly awaiting the opportunity to start working with this new resource for the benefits of clients and introducers alike.’

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